Delivery is normally 1-3 working days from when an order is placed or on a day that suits the customer.

We deliver our products using vans, jeeps connected to box trailers in order to keep all products dry.

When we receive your order we will contact y by phone or email to arrange a suitable time and day for your delivery.

We will also check with you that there is suitable access in order for us to ensure the delivery off wood is placed where the customer wishes.

Generally our firewood is a choice between ash and oak. They are usually 10-20 percent moisture content.
It is a carbon- neutral fuel and is manufactured from forests all over Europe.
All these Forests are carefully managed to insure that there is a sustainable supply of timber for many generations to come.
Our firewood is great for stoves and open fires. We never sell our firewood by weight as different wood species and moisture content make it very difficult to do so.
You are very welcome to come and inspect our products before you buy.

Why choose us

Generally our firewood is a choice between ash and oak.

All logs at present are 25cm.

Anyone who orders firewood from us are asked to leave all empty bags back for us to collect when you are receiving your next order.

Please insure they are returned clean and tidy.

These bags are owned by Firewood Ireland at all times and cannot be used for anything other than firewood.

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